Sharing Goals and Preferences

What is the SHARE Study?

The SHARE Study is a research study at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for patients being treated for their cancer. It aims to test the implementation of a short video, a brief questionnaire, and a wallet card designed to help patients identify and communicate their goals and preferences about their cancer and its treatment with their clinicians.

What is involved in the research study?

You will be asked to complete a short survey as part of the study evaluation, then you will watch a short video and complete a brief questionnaire. You will also be given a wallet card to help remember some key questions that may be useful to you as you make decisions about future treatments.

During your next office visit with your clinician, we will remind him/her to review the questionnaire with you and discuss your preferences for care. Following your visit, we will ask you to complete another survey.

A small number of participants will be invited to participate in an interview to provide additional information about your experiences.

You can re-watch the video at any time by clicking on the video below. You can also complete a new brief questionnaire at any time and share it with your clinician(s) if your goals and preferences change.

Patient Questionnaire

View and download the brief questionnaire here.

More Good Days Video

Watch Video

Our Team and Our Partners

The SHARE Study is led by Dr. Nancy Keating, a general internist at Harvard Medical School and Drs. Alexi Wright and Christopher Lathan, medical oncologists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Elizabeth Schrier, also from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, is the study coordinator. Elena Kouri from Harvard Medical School is the study manager.

The SHARE Study is a collaboration between physicians and researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, and Healthwise.